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Overcoming Cybercrime

The main activity of cybercrime is attacking content, computer systems and communication systems belonging to other people or the public in cyberspace. The phenomenon of cybercrime must be watched out because this crime is somewhat different from other crimes in general. Cybercrime can be carried out without recognizing territorial boundaries and does not require direct interaction between perpetrators and victims of crime. To be safe in using an internet connection, you need to find out what are the best vpn providers.

Here’s how to overcome it:


Secure the system

The real purpose of a security system is to prevent damage to parts of the system because it is entered by unwanted users. Integrated system security is needed to minimize the possibility of such damage. Building a security system must be integrated steps in the entire subsystem, with the aim of narrowing or even closing the gaps of unauthorized actions that are detrimental. Personal security can be done starting from the system installation stage until finally, it leads to the physical security and data security stages. Safeguards for system attacks through the network can also be done by securing FTP, SMTP, Telnet, and Web Server security. As mentioned, this is how you figure out the best VPN for Canada as a country. 

Global Countermeasures

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has created guidelines for policymakers relating to computer-related crime, which is 1986 the OECD published its report entitled Computer-Related Crime: Analysis of Legal Policy. According to the OECD, some important steps that must be taken by each country in dealing with cybercrime are:

– Modernizing the national criminal law and its procedural law.
– Improve national computer network security systems according to international standards.
– Increase citizen awareness about cybercrime issues and the importance of preventing these crimes from occurring.
– Increasing cooperation between countries, whether bilateral, regional or multilateral, in efforts to deal with cybercrime.
– Increase the understanding and expertise of law enforcement officials regarding efforts to prevent, investigate and prosecute cases related to cybercrime.