Ipvanish is one of the most popular and well-known removal programs that are used by PC users to get rid of malware, spyware, adware, virus and Trojans. What makes Ipvanish different from its rivals is the feature of removing a large number of infected files which has been modified by the hackers and are no longer needed to operate.

This type of removal program is available to remove all registry entries, invalid DLL files, and the ActiveX components that were added by the hackers and made it possible for the Trojan to launch itself. This makes Ipvanish one of the most effective antivirus programs in terms of removal of malware and other dangerous programs.

There are other antivirus programs that offer features similar to that of Ipvanish, but they do not contain as many features and are not as effective. So, before you decide on a specific antivirus program, you should try using the free version to be able to test the protection it offers.

The software is available on the official website and can be downloaded for free. You can also download it from the official site for a one-time fee.

The main interface of the program offers you the ability to scan multiple folders, including those in an FTP server, share control panel, and the network drives. You can even remove and reinstall programs installed by the malware.

Another feature of Ipvanish is the ability to detect, remove, and quarantine malicious files that are detected on the infected computer. The program also displays a screen shot of the infected file in question with the program help menu available.

There are some limitations to the program as compared to other various antivirus programs. You can remove only a specific file or application or run a full scan of the entire system.

To remove all of the infected files, you have to use the advanced settings feature. You will have to press the delete button to perform a full scan of the entire system.

When using this feature, you will have to be careful to select the settings that are best for your system since it will change during the removal process. Before you decide on a program, you should test its features before installing it.

In terms of removing the malware, you should scan your computer every now and then to ensure that your PC is infected with it. Using the program regularly and removing all the infected files will help the malware to be removed after a certain period of time.

You can try a review of the removal program offered by the publisher. It is available on their website and it is an easy method to learn about the safety and effectiveness of the program.

You can also check out the reviews online to find out if the program is working well for you PC. You will also get to know the answer to the question “is it as good as the other antivirus programs?”